Philadelphia on the Delaware


Originally uploaded by Michlt
Welcome to Rivertyde “2.0”. After 2 years at this blog has moved to This photo is a view of Philadelphia from across the Delaware River. It was taken from the ferry while crossing to Camden, NJ and is a shot of my adopted city.

I’ve been in Philadelphia for almost 20 years, and am very fond of this city. I appreciate how great the it is while also recognizing that it could be better.

I grew up in Western NC — a very different landscape from the urban one I now live in. I still have a deep love of the Southern Appalachians. You’ll see photos from both the city and the mountains here.

If you are not familiar with the first incarnation of Rivertyde then you’ll find that the posts here exhibit the full range of my eclectic interests. Some will highlight Philadelphia others will focus on rural settings or outtings which remind me of the landscape where I grew up. Many posts will be accompanied by pictures from the photo sharing site Flickr and will often link to my own pics but also those of others stored on that site.

I’m a bookseller and a German Literature major from the University of Pennsylvania; however, my first undergraduate degree was in Forestry from NC State so my posts will alternate between literature/humanities and the natural sciences. I never could decide what engaged me the most.

Some of my early posts at this new location may be ‘reprints’ of entries posted at Rivertyde’s previous location. For those who have read my blog before I apologize for the redundancy. I’m going to build a thin bridge of continuity but will promise not to dwell on the first incarnation of Rivertyde.

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