The Internet Works in Mysterious Ways

3rd Grade Cub Scout DenThe lease is up and you need a new place. You pack up some of your stuff and say good-bye to what you must leave behind. Google has taken snapshots of your stuff for you, just in case you want to reminisce about it later. (Google is so thoughtful, isn’t he?)

The quaint little log cabin you were in was costing you a small fortune in firewood and candles and you have decided to move into subsidized housing. One of the many wonders of the internet is that ‘subsidized housing’ is more like a condo. The amenities are generous and new and someone else will mow the lawn and look after pest control. And, wonder of wonders, it is FREE!

Of course, when you live in a condo there are certain restrictions. It may be beautiful to look at, but eventually you will want to do things. Maybe you want to change the draperies, or remove them completely. Sorry, the drapes are regulation. They have to stay, but how can you really complain — you’re not paying for them. They are really pretty nice drapes anyway.

Hold on – that container garden on your balcony – well, sorry, the home owner’s association does not allow that. You have, however, noticed that other people have container gardens on their balconies. That is when it begins to dawn on you that the home owner’s association can be bought off.

Nice as your new, free condo maybe, you have to take it as is ….unless you pay. You think about it for a day or two then consider that the few modifications you want to make won’t really cost very much at all. The money goes to the up-keep of the building, and it is a very nice building after all. So, you dish out a little to the HOA and they let you change your drapes. Just a bit more and you have your container garden.

Things are getting cozy but you reflect that your former address was kind of neat. The new one is a bit long and awkward. Ahh….if I only had my old address back. In the real world that is an impossibility. You live where you live and when you move you live somewhere else. The internet, though, is a magical world, and your home owner’s association knows the ins-and-outs of it. If you give them just a tiny bit more they’ll let you live in their condo and let you have your old address back!

Therefore, as amazing as it may be, I now have my old address back. Rivertyde resides at once again. Unfortunately, I had to leave my database behind, but cousin Google has snapshots of it in his cache, if like me you might want to occasionally look back.

3 thoughts on “The Internet Works in Mysterious Ways

  1. So that is where you vanished to, for that short time.
    I have snorkeled in various parts of the Palancar reef along the Mexican coast starting in 1989 and sadly the destruction from storms and climate change has been rather dramatic, in such a short time, but as you say overwhelmingly, massive new (& hideous) luxury resorts have destroyed beautiful deserted beaches, lagoons, pristine cenotes and one or two protected turtle hatching colony reserves. That part of Mexico now so called the “Mayan Riviera” can not sustain the sort of development now under way-thought to be part of the reason why the Mayan Civilization regressed. For all its rugged beauty it is a very delicate eco-system. I feel fortunate to have been there before all hell broke loose and a little sad that it is fast disappearing under reckless development. The only up side is, that it has always been a bit of a hurricane alley through there. Perhaps it will become too expensive to keep rebuilding or too scary for the tourists to risk. I can only dream that Mother natures might, will prevail in the end and, return the beaches to the turtles and sea grapes, the manatees to the mangroves and the call of the terns over the aquamarine surf gently roiling on the beautifully cool white coral sand shores. Sigh! Enjoy your holiday in Germany and glad to see you back….Bill

  2. Thanks, both of you.

    The really convenient part of it all is that I have been using WordPress to post Rivertyde for over 2 years anyway. The change constitutes a really significant drop in cost with some added perks. The challenge is for me to learn more CSS to better customize the look (it is not where I want it yet).

    Bill, I’ve snorkeled in the Florida Keys and spent a day on the Great Barrier Reef. I would love to take a trip to the western Caribbean and see the reef there. Some good news is that Belize has a Barrier Reserve System with “7 marine reserves, 450 cays, and 3 atolls” (Wikipedia — Belize Barrier Reef). In general though, the exchange rate — hotels for environments — tends to be pretty crappy, to say the least.

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