Cat Alarm Clock

I found this YouTube animation featured on PhiLLy Roll. It has been passed around a bit, probably because it is so true to life — except for the baseball bat. We have two cats and experience this scenario nearly every morning. Kai and Fleck both become active about 5:00 am, but Kai is the one who make a point of trying to wake me up. As in this video, he even does the light paw tapping on my cheek. He also sticks his little rubbery nose against the tip of mine. The purpose of this appears to be to get his whiskers close enough to tickle my face. Fortunately for us, Kai and Fleck are Manx cats and have oddly diminished vocal abilities. Their meows are soft, lightly aspirated ‘misshh’ and not so hard on the ears as a full-bodied ‘meowww’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Cat Alarm Clock

  1. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Joe.

    Except for the two kittens we had in the dorm that semester 27 yrs ago these are the only other cats I’ve had. Unlike those two, Kai and Fleck don’t stick needle-sharp kitten claws into my shins to get me up. Kai really does act like the cat in this animation and if that does not work he starts raking things off of the dresser onto the floor. Fleck has learned that the sound of her trying to stick her head through the venetian blinds really irritates humans. She does not particularly want to look outside. If I get up and open them for her she looses interest. Sometimes she multitasks by flossing her teeth with the cord which then bangs against the metal blinds. She takes care of her dental hygiene and wakes us up at the same time.

    In truth, they are extremely good natured cats and only do these things if we try to sleep in when they are hungry. Oh, yeah, there is that thing about Kai always trying to drink my beer. He has a surprisingly strong grasp and can actually pull the bottle out of your hand if you are not paying attention.

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