Australian Natural History Blog

I’ve just discovered an really well done natural history blog from Australia. Margaret Morgan of Sydney blogs at My Growing Passion where she writes about plants, animals, and ecology. She even uses proper biological taxonomy! That’s important because we could not pronounce the native names since most of us don’t ‘speak Australian’ (just kidding). She has some good pictures to go with her posts and I’m actually very happy to have discovered her blog. I came across the link to her blog from a StumbleUpon encounter with Imorgan, from Ireland and Switzerland– I really love StumbleUpon for so many reasons like this.

Hey! Wait a minute – both of these women are sort of named Morgan! Folks, I honestly did not make that up. Check out the links yourself.

One thought on “Australian Natural History Blog

  1. Just stumbled upon your Blog & wanted to say Hi from Tasmania, Australia. Thank you for the link to “My Growing Passion” I found it very interesting blog. Enjoyed your blog too.
    Have a nice day
    Tony Mc 🙂

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