Marital Arts – Cane form

The form in this video is Ji Pan Gi Hyung. It is similar but not identical to a cane form I am now learning at Martial Postures in Philadelphia. We have just started learning the cane and it will be my first tai chi weapon form (not counting the brief training session with a fan – yes, a Chinese fan can be a weapon). For this course I bought a very simple but high quality hickory “street cane” made from 100% heartwood. The term “street cane” means that the end of the hook is sharpened for fighting but it is otherwise very non-descript.
I’m very happy with my decision to take up tai chi again. It is putting me back in touch with my body and led me to increase my trips to the gym and overall fitness work, e.g. diet, weightlifting, aerobic work etc. Learning a weapon form is fun, but I see the real benefits in breaking down the stress that has accumulated in my body and mind.

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