A Gem in the City

Cira Centre Backdrop

Originally uploaded by Fen Branklin

One of the most successful parks in Philadelphia is the long, narrow Schuykill Banks in Center City. It runs along the Schuykill River on the east side from the Waterworks Museum & Restaurant south to Locust St. The photographer of this photo has noted that construction on the next segment – from Locust St. to the South St. bridge – is slated to start in August.

Schuykill Banks is a perfect example of the “Build it and they will come,” philosophy. From the time the asphalt path was laid, and well before other landscaping was complete, the park has attracted people in droves. Although I-76 parallels the park on the west side of the river offering a less than scenic backdrop, one perfect gem of a building does enhance the view to the west — the Circa Centre, the new headquarters of Amtrak.

Fen Branklin has captured this sight on a beautiful day just like today. Thanks to him for making his photos bloggable. Check out his Flickr account for some of the best photos of Philadelphia available.

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