Depression in a Café

Suppenküche Chicago (1931)
Suppenküche Chicago (1931)

Financial depression, that is. I’m sitting at LaVa on 21st and South St. reading an issue of the German magazine Der Spiegel from Sept. 29, 2008. The picture above is of a Great Depression food line. On the window are the words ‘free soup’. The white banner above the door says in part: ‘Free Coffee & Doughnuts For The Unemployed.’ The caption reads: Suppenküche in Chicago (1931): Geschichte wiederholt sich nicht. And it is true, history does not repeat itself, esp. if we pay attention. So many things are dramatically different — the interconnectedness of the world, the uniqueness of having the first African-American president, the experience of looking at pictures like this which warn and motivate. Some things do remain — the emotions that arise in the face of an highly uncertain future.

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