Link Review and Purge

Whew, that was tedious. I went through all of my blog roll links and purged the defunct or substantially changed ones. Some had moved to new addresses. Those I updated. All links should be current again.

I don’t doubt that Rivertyde has also been deleted from blog rolls of former readers. Long stretches of inactivity don’t justify keeping a link active, and Rivertyde has indeed been inactive.

It is not dead, however, and I’m giving thought to reviving it in some form or other, but deciding what types of posts to publish is not a small thing for me. I’ll probably retain a rather science-friendly content, since that is what interests me, and I’ll probably stay away from too much personal journaling, since that is probably not what interests other people. Besides, it seems that blogs have diminished in popularity with the rise of micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz. Even I must admit that Twitter distracted me from this blog for a while, until I moved on to the more expansive and multimedia-friendly Buzz. Facebook has never appealed to me, although I do have an account so I can eavesdrop on family and friends.

All the while that I was not writing in this blog I was also not reading other blogs. So what has changed? Honestly, I don’t know and perhaps nothing at all has changed. Intending to pick up Rivertyde again is not the same as doing it. We’ll see if that really happens. If you have been checking back with me here — Thanks! I’ll see if I can give you something to make it worth your while to do so.

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