Blogger Highlights Book Sculptures

Brian Dettmer Book SculptureToday I discovered the eclectic blog: Centripetal Notion by Justin Ruckman, a graphic designer from Charlotte, NC. Justin describes his blog as “miscellaneous badassery”. He lays out an awesome mix of art and science posts that I find especially appealing. Some of his top tags are: Art/Design, Humor, Music, Performance, Photography, Science, Technology, Universe, Video, World.

A click on my super randomizing StumbleUpon button led me to Centripetal Notion and a posted video of Clara Rockmore playing the theremin. She is an accomplished musician with this unbelievable ‘touchless’ instrument. From there a little poking around on Justin’s blog turned up a post called Book Autopsies about Brian Dettmer’s sculptures. Brian himself commented on Justin’s post (which I include, in part, here because Brian gives gallery websites where his work is featured):

Hello Everyone. I am Brian Dettmer, the artist that did this work. First of all, thank you for your interest and great response to my artwork. […] I appreciate all the questions and interest but I will not have time to answer them because there are way too many blogs about my work now. For more info about my work you can go to the websites these images were originally lifted from:

There is no doubt that I will keep an eye out for more work/news of Brian Dettmer and will also frequently check in at Centripetal Notion for other great things that Justin might toss up.

Recycling High Fashion

This is a story of recycling low culture icons, i.e. beer cans, into high culture icons, i.e. opera gowns. Artist Niko Flores turned 20,000 beer and soda cans into woven opera costumes. Deborah Kyvrikosaios reports on Flores’ sculpture exhibit in Athens for Reuters. In the accompanying video reference is made to Andy Warhol’s pop art. Flores may have found some inspiration from Warhol, but the industry and craft involved in making these dresses from strips of aluminum cans far surpasses anything I’ve ever seen associated with Warhol. This is really impressive sculpture.
Check out this video report: Beer can couture