Link Updates

RiverTyde has been on unofficial hiatus for a while, but I have updated my WordPress account for another year and don’t anticipate shuttering the blog. Sorry for the drought.

Today I found a very interesting blog that I want to follow so I’ve added it, Via Negativa,  to my blogroll. In addition, I have corrected the broken link to Zac Sunderland, the young man sailing alone around the globe. I have a lot of catching up to do with his adventures. I apologize that that link was broken for so long. Under the Gay Links category Large Tony has said goodbye to his blog but has left it up as an archive. I’ll leave that link up for some time yet but will eventually take it off the blogroll.

This has been a wild week here in Philadelphia with the Phillies winning the World Series, the enormous street celebrations (with a small but destructive element), and the gigantic turn out for the parade yesterday. I don’t have photos of that but I’m sure there are plenty to be had out on the web anyway. Next week might be another wild one with the election. Just as millions of people turned out in Philadelphia to participate in the life of the city and its sports team, I hope everyone reading this blog turns out to vote on Tuesday. I’ll not tell anyone how to vote because I find it hard to believe that anyone likely to do so could be truly undecided at this point — but by all means, VOTE.