16 Year-old Sailor on His Way Around the World

Photo by John Shillabeer, Taken on October 19th, 2006. (Wikimedia)

When I was in 8th or 9th grade I read about Robin Lee Graham, a teenager who sailed around the world alone on his sail boat Dove. It was an inspirational story. Since I was a mountain boy who had never been on a sail boat, I as not inspired to sail away from home, but the strength of character to face danger and loneliness for the sake of a dream was something I could and did learn from.

Now another young man of 16 has launched himself onto the oceans in an endeavor to circumnavigate the globe and follow in Robin Graham’s wake. Zac Sunderland hopes to complete the trip before turning 18, a feat that would make him the youngest person to sail around the world. I’ve linked to his blog and intend to follow the tale of his adventure. Even at 48 I can still be inspired by courage and determination. Best of luck and weather to Zac!