Arriving at Warp Speed – Invisibility

The ‘communicator‘ from the tv show Star Trek is a reality now, i.e. the cell phone. That I can grasp. What I find incredible is that another technology, one I figured might never be a reality, has now materialized as well: the invisibility cloak. The AP released a story on Aug. 11 about Berkeley scientists’ successfully cloaking a three-dimensional object: Scientists closer to developing invisibility cloak. So what’s next? Transporters? Man, that would be cool! No more waiting in airport security lines and worrying about delays or lost luggage. I predict that if air fares continue to climb and if all the new a la carte fees are taken into account it will soon be economically feasible to develop and build transporters. Maybe by 2010 I can have myself beamed over to Beijing to check out all those really cool buildings they’ve created for the Olympics.